Hongshun manufacture site

With furniture hardware products such as Drawer system, drawer slides, and cabinet hinges. Meaton Group's Hongshun manufacturing site was established in March 2017 to produce Drawer system, Concealed slides, and cabinet hinges, three important types of furniture hardware in the furniture industry. The innovation of Meaton Group's Hongshun manufacture site created great value for the global furniture industry that had not existed before. 

This site has continued to create furniture hardware products with originality and a high level of value through manufacturing excellence; process technology to maximize all of a material’s properties; evaluation and simulation technology; product design technology; and production technology. Today, Meaton Group's Hongshun manufacture site offers its excellence in manufacturing across a range of product groups, including Drawer system, Concealed slides, and cabinet hinges, all with different specifications to meet distinct demand and requirement.

Here are capacity facts and numbers about Meaton Group's Hongshun manufacture site:

  • 260 skilled employees
  • 11,000 square meters
  • 400,000 sets concealed slide per month
  • 200,000 sets drawer box per month

Here are manufacture facts and numbers about Meaton Group's Hongshun manufacturing site:

  • 15  groove broachers
  • 35  continuous stamping machines
  • 37  non-continuous stamping machines
  • 8    automatic welding machines
  • 3    non-automatic welding machines
  • 4    grinder machines

Hongshun's commitment to improving the furniture hardware products and contributing to the global furniture industry has been handed down as part of our corporate DNA since our establishment, and we are actively working to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

Meaton Hunshun factory:reception

Meaton Hunshun factory:bird's eye view

Meaton Hunshun factory:stamping machine

Meaton Hunshun factory:raw material

Meaton Hunshun factory:warehouse

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